Selected conference discussions (email me for slides):


AEA meetings: "Speculative Dynamics of Prices and Volume" by Anthony DeFusco, Charles Nathanson, and Eric Zwick

ESCB Day-Ahead Conference: "Real Effects of Relaxing Financial Constraints for Homeowners: Evidence from Danish Firms" by Alessia De Stefani and Julia Moertel

Bank of Finland/CEPR Conference on Monetary Economics and Reality: "IQ, Expectations, and Choice" by Francesco D'Acunto, Daniel Hoang, Maritta Paloviita, and Michael Weber


AFA meetings: "House Prices, Mortgage Debt and Labor Mobility" by Radhakrishnan Gopalan, Barton Hamilton, Ankit Kalda, and David Sovich

AEA meetings: "Inflation Experiences and Contract Choice – Evidence From Residential Mortgages" by Matthew Botsch and Ulrike Malmendier

EFA Annual Meeting: "Consumer-Lending Discrimination in the FinTech Era” by Robert Bartlett, Adair Morse, Richard Stanton, and Nancy Wallace


NBER Summer Institute (Corporate Finance): “Monetary Stimulus and Bank Lending” by Indraneel Chakraborty, Itay Goldstein, and Andrew MacKinlay

AEA meetings: “The Demand and Supply of Mortgage Rate Fixation Periods” by Christoph Basten, Benjamin Guin, and Cathérine Koch


NBER Summer Institute (Behavioral Macro): “Social Networks and Housing Markets” by Michael Bailey, Rachel Cao, Theresa Kuchler, and Johannes Stroebel

Cemmap/Bank of England conference on “Housing: Microdata, macro problems": “History Dependence in the Housing Market: Facts and Explanations” by Philippe Bracke and Silvana Tenreyro

FCA/Imperial College conference on “Consumer Choice in Mortgage Markets": “Financial Literacy, Present Bias and Alternative Mortgage Products” by John Gathergood and Joerg Weber


Adam Smith Workshop at LSE (Corporate Finance): “Monetary Policy Pass-Through: Household Consumption and Voluntary Deleveraging” by Marco Di Maggio, Amir Kermani, and Rodney Ramcharan

AEA/Econometric Society: “Housing Demand during the Boom: The Role of Expectations and Credit Constraints” by Tim Landvoigt

FRB Atlanta Real Estate Finance Conference: “Teachers Teaching Teachers: The Role of Networks on Financial Decisions" by Gonzalo Maturana and Jordan Nickerson